Does your Business Make a Great First Impression?

Each impression you make – especially the first – is a priceless movement in time to convince your prospect whether or not he should do business with you or go elsewhere.

But have you stopped to think that in today’s world, your first impression isn’t always going to be in person, face-to-face?  More than likely, your company’s first impression will take place when you’re nowhere to be found. 

On a regular basis, it’s important to evaluate what message your business is putting out there for potential customers.

Pretend you are a first-time customer checking out your business. Assess your materials by asking yourself these questions:

  • When people receive multiple impressions of your business, do they see evidence of a consistent, reliable, well-managed and successful company?
  • Do your communications look like they all represent the same company?
  • Does your business logo always look the same on all platforms?  What about your use of type styles and color?
  • If you use a tagline or slogan, is it always the same, or does it change from one presentation to another?
  • Have you thoroughly read through your website to ensure proper grammar and spelling?

If not, then it’s time to fix those messages so your business can bring people in with positive mindsets/impressions.  It won’t look good if a business seems unorganized and cluttered with different messages. It leaves a first impression that a business is unprofessional and doesn’t care. Take time to evaluate your business’s marketing to start receiving positive first impressions over the competition.

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